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Hans Sachs
Born in Germany
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                 ~ Welcome, Friends ~

           This page is in memory of Hans Sachs, 
whose quiet ways & incomparable wit charmed
so many. He left us too young, after a valiant
battle with leukemia, on February 23, 2006.

Please stay a while, light a candle, share a memory,
or just enjoy the pictures & music. I will be
adding much more, so please come back!
NOTE: the videos may not play smoothly the
time -- let them load and then they will play.
                   And who could forget those blue eyes....



Quick Gallery
Aug 2004 picnic near Ottawa Esme, Hans & Andy Es und Hansi Feelin' good! Hamburg, 2003, w/ Alfred (stepdad) & A's partner, Ingrid Hans & Martha, Hamburg, 2003 With his high school friend, Michael, in Hamburg Playing peekaboo in Hamburg The pair with an upside-down hamburger! Enjoying his short-lived retirement, 2003 Watching TV with Anthea